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Marmo Tools

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Here are some standard profiles available in Extra High Speed

60 and 20 mm diameter, other profiles available upon request

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Marmoelettromeccanica main

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Line 60, 40, 20 & 10

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Tooling for Manual machines

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Marmoelettromeccanica EHS

why fabricators are switching to EHS

Double the speed of other brands

Never send out for redressing

Z calibrated for faster set-up

When replacing a tool Z is same height

Great finished edges

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Simply The Best - EHS

Extra High Speed

Our latest customer Parm in Edmonton called:

“I just installed this set, these tools are awesome!

I love the finish!”

 4 Years ago SSC Countertops tried their first set of EHS,

They were diehard users of another brand of tooling.

When asked by that supplier why they switched, the owner said simply

“these tool are way better than yours”

(They have 3 CNC’s with EHS)

At Paragon Surfacing, when we told the owner that EHS

could run double the speed of his current tooling

he said “if they can run 5% faster I’ll take them”

They have since switched both machines to EHS

 The Owner of Bordignon Granite called and said someone recommended he try a set of EHS, he did. Then he told another customer in Kamloops to try a set so he did and that customer told another customer in Abbotsford to try a set and they did.

We are happy our customers are that pleased with our tooling.